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Our mission is to heal our Earth and our connection to her by creating all-natural, long-lasting, zero-waste, and biodegradable products.

Handmade with love, from the earth, for the earth. 

Our Founder searched the globe for the best quality all-natural materials available.
We practice both ethical and sustainable sourcing with every single item in our store to ensure our creations part of the solution instead of the problem.



It is time to reclaim our connection to Gaia so that we may reclaim our natural power as women. Our passion is to help women identify with their own divinity and unleash their inner goddesses by working with our spiritual talismans and teachings.




Earthchild Adornments was founded in 2017 by Sarah Uys, a spiritual mystic that has traveled our World connecting with Mother Earth and her children.

Sarah is passionate about helping women awaken their inner goddess and helping them to harness the power to improve their lives.

Words from our founder

"I was born and raised in South Africa. I lived close to nature and learned a lot about foraging and growing things from my grandfather. I spent a large portion of my life advocating against hate and discrimination. I left the country to travel and work in 2012.

During my time living in Asia, the cultures and iconography had a profound influence on my style. I have always lived in places that were melting pots for different styles, cultures, influences, and ways of seeing.This has led to me developing a very unique and diverse style that is not pure in any one path but rather aims to understand every path I encounter on a deeper level and extract/retain only those teaching and rituals that are of value, universal, and that ring true to me. I came to America with my ex in 2016 and found myself trapped in an abusive relationship. It was eye-opening and informative because I had always thought of myself as a very strong and independent woman. It lead me to overcome some incredible trials and start my business as a way to survive. It became my salvation and my way back to a spiritual path. I had abandoned that side of myself completely in order to survive. 

I underwent a period of  tremendous and rapid growth. I was a science teacher at the start of it. I started selling mineral specimens and ended up rediscovering the healing power of crystals and the source of my feminine power in my connection to the Earth. Now I am healed and growing and incredibly blessed. I hope to be the catalyst for other women who need to find their strength and inner truth to free themselves from their chains."

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