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Ametrine – Level up health + power

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Ametrine metaphysical properties crystal meaning
Ametrine macrame necklace

Ametrine is one of the rarer members of the colored quartz family. When Amethyst is naturally warmed by hypothermal vents, it changes color and becomes Citrine. When this process only affects a part of the stone or is disrupted you get Ametrine - a two in one that has all the metaphysical properties of both Amethyst and Citrine combined, as well its own unique properties.

As it includes Citrine it is used to stimulate and energize the solar plexus chakra. It invites in all the energies of abundance, health, prosperity, optimism, action and self confidence that comes from the sun. It is used to banish darkness and shame and replace it with warm, bright light and confidence in the validity and justness of your truth so that you can get up and get shit done.

From the Amethyst side it can stimulate the third eye and encourage peace, tranquility, intuition, creativity, and healing. It can be protective during transformation as it is supposed to help us avoid stumbling blocks and grow into our best selves. It can be useful to protect against psychic attack and clear mental cobwebs so that our own thoughts and the messages from our guides come through crystal clear. It is also used to alleviate headaches, bad dreams and stress. Amethyst is also often used in beauty potions and spells and is believed to be especially helpful for skin conditions.

Ametrine is known as a stone of personal power. It can be used to awaken our inner mystic by unlocking our natural abilities and connecting us to the source of all power. It can help us to manifest our destiny and reach our highest potential by helping us learn to believe in ourselves and our talents. It may stimulate intelligence and clear thinking. It may be helpful to rid the aura of negative energy, depression, doubt, anxiety and creative blocks.

With the help of Ametrine we can learn to recognize the divinity within all things, thus eliminating prejudice. It is believed to have powerful healing energy that releases disease and blockages and rids us of unnecessary energetic clutter. It has been used to stimulate healthy weight loss and help release addictions if you have truly made the decision to change. Often these things are the result of negative beliefs we have about ourselves that are simply not true. Ametrine can help us release those old negative beliefs and form new positive ones. It can help to give us both the energy and a place of peace from which to do this work.

Ametrine is used to open the third eye and solar plexus chakras, stimulate healing and self confidence and bring energy, creative action, intuition, growth and spiritual wisdom.

Ametrine Spirit Quartz with phantoms

Ametrine pairs really well with moonstone as moonstone encourages introspection and stability and positive transformation and rebirth.

It is worth noting that it is a very common practice to artificially turn low quality Amethyst into Citrine by cooking it. This usually produces ugly, pee yellow rocks that are seriously confused about their identity. Natural Citrine can be spotted by its wheat like color. It’s not butter yellow but rather comes in all the shades of fine craft beer. It takes time to learn how to spot the fake shit so in the meantime, get your Citrine from folks with good morals and taste.

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