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Birthstones are Bullshit

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Few things irk me as much as when people tell me they can't wear something because it's not their birthstone. Or worse still ask me what the birth stone is for someone they love because they don't want to think a little deeper. I usually try to steer them to something that is more meaningful.

There have been many different birthstone charts throughout history depending on the time and place and how the year was divided up - we didn't always have 365 days in a year divided into 12 months and 52 weeks you know. None of these charts are the same.

The most popular chart currently in use has no traditional basis in any of these though. It was made up by the corporate overlord of Tiffany and Co. in 1913 in an attempt to popularize and sell old stock that nobody wanted. Nobody was buying opals, garnets, sapphires and emeralds and these were considered fairly valueless stones. So he came up with a standardized chart and pushed it through advertising and it worked. People jumped on the gimmick and decades later people are still seeking out these gems.

Bottom line is, you don't have to be a slave to silly traditions that aren't really meaningful to you. If you feel a particular connection to birthstones for whatever reason, maybe because they were your introduction to shiny rocks that's cool, but if you are looking for a meaningful gift or a talisman to help you grow then look beyond that and connect with crystals in a more intuitive way.

And if you want to wear an opal, even though you weren't born in October then you just go right ahead sista!

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