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Caribbean Calcite - Use Your Words

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Caribbean Calcite is an awesome combination mineral made up of Ocean Blue Calcite and brown and white Aragonite. It is fairly new and was discovered in 2019 in Pakistan. It is made up of Calcium Carbonate which can take the form of different minerals; Calcite is the stable form while Aragonite is unstable. Over time, or when heated, Aragonite can transform into Calcite.

This amazing stone combines energies of throat, crown and root chakras. It can help us ground if we are too much in our heads and is also believed to be useful for helping us speak from a place of intellectual clarity and security.

Calcites are also known for helping us balance our emotions and release emotional blockages. They are therefore wonderful facilitators to help us with self expression as well as finding our inner strength and trusting our gut.

With it's beautiful blue and earthy hues, many people find Caribbean Calcite extremely calming. It can help bring a sense of deep peace like floating on a placid ocean while still helping us feel grounded and stable at the same time. Caribbean Calcite can facilitate a release of pent up emotions, helping us express them in a meaningful and productive manner.

This stone is believed to be helpful for people with ADHD in communication, learning and to practice single point meditation. It may also boost memory and help decalcify the pineal gland.

All calcites are known for their use in bone healing and growth while Aragonite is believed to eliminate toxins and disease from the lower parts of the body, especially the lower digestive tract. Together these two can be used as a powerful combination for healing and detoxing your own body as well as sending those energies to others.

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