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Cobaltian Calcite - Woke AF

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Also called: Cobaltoan Calcite, Pink Cobalto Calcite, Sphaerocobaltite, Aphrodite Stone.

Country of origin: Ours is sourced from Morocco and Spain

Cobaltian Calcite is known to be healing & harmonizing for heart and mind. It encourages a strong connection between the two and also fosters a connection between us and Big Love. It can boost feelings of contentment, connection & peace. This makes it a great meditation stone. It is especially helpful during meditations practices where we focus on sending loving energy out or being mindful and grateful. Meditating with the stone may help release negative emotions that you have been stuck in.

A very useful companion when you are struggling to strike a balance between your thoughts and emotions. Often used by people who feel themselves stuck between what they want to do and what they know they should do. It can bring clarity and help us see the bigger picture in situations like this.

It is known as a good stone for helping us be more receptive to new ideas and can help us become aware of and release prejudices. This stone can be used to assist you with past life work and karmic balancing.

It is also useful for encouraging harmony and cooperation, especially in groups. It can help us focus on our mutual goals and work towards a better future rather than getting stuck on our differences.

Cobaltian Calcite is a great next level stone for beginners, it's not super common but also not so high vibrational that its lessons will go over your head. If you are open and ready to do the work, this stone can be a wonderful companion to spiritual and emotional growth and maturation.

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