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Crystal Grids - It's what all the cool kids are doing

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Crystal grids are a beautiful and powerful way to work with your crystals. Many people find the idea of building one intimidating though. In this post we will explore some of the basics of building crystal grids.

This necklace is a simple grid combining labradorite and kyanite for protection

What is a crystal grid? At its most basic, a crystal grid is just two or more crystals that we place together with the intention of combining their energy. Crystal grids can be very simple, like a crystal with a quarts to amplify its energy, or very intricate. There are also different types of grids, some grids surround something (I call these innies) and some grids send energy out from their center (I call these outties) while others direct energy in a specific flow. An example of an innie would be a protection grid around your home. If you built a grid to radiate deep peace from a central piece of azurite for example, this would be an outtie. If you placed a piece of citrine to the left of your front door to draw in abundance and prosperity and a piece of tiger's eye in the rear left corner to attract success and money, this could be considered a directional grid. I have a grid on my bedside table that protects me from psychic attack and deflects it away from my bed, this would be an example of a directional grid.

Some of my bracelets are simple crystal grids

Anyone can create crystal grids, you just need to keep a few basic questions in mind.

Ask yourself whether you are trying to:

1- Draw energy in that's lacking (eg. money, healing, love)

2- Keep energy out (eg. psychic attack, bad luck, negativity)

3- Amplify a certain energy that's already present (eg. passion, creativity, psychic abilities)

4- Regulate the flow of energy (eg. clearing chakras, circulating energy in a room, grounding off anxiety etc.)

Are you trying to represent something else in this grid? Some examples could be your body for healing, your mind for calming, or your bank account for filling. If you are, it might be worth representing this in the grid in some way or another. If you are trying to represent your body for example, you could use a picture of yourself under the grid, if your bank account maybe place your routing number or a bank statement under the grid.

Is the grid the main focus or is it there to support and charge something else? You could for example use it to surround your diffuser and charge the aromas you diffuse or place it around a cup of tea while you make or stir it to charge it with intent.

Consider which crystal grid structure best suits your purpose? Innies for surrounding an area, outties for amplifying and blasting energy outward, flow charts with crystals for directing energy? The shape you choose should support your intention.

Even if the grid is the main focus you might want to include other objects in the grid to strengthen your intention. A picture or x-ray of someone you are trying to attract healing to, money, plant materials, sacred geometry patterns, candles, animal remains, incense, jar spells, carvings or statues are just some of the things you could include in a crystal grid to support and strengthen your intention.

It is also important to think about whether or not this is a grid you want to keep up long term. If so how can you protect it and keep it aligned? Some great tips are to place them inside display cabinets or glass cake stands with lids. I have also used hot glue to attach grids to my ceiling. Hot glue is usually pretty easy to remove from both crystals and ceiling but beware, sometimes the cheap stuff can leave oily stains. Another good option is burying it, this is especially good for crystal grids that are built to surround a home, property or sacred space. Some people like to use rings or stands or make a wooden board with indentations carved out to keep things in place.

It is also important to consider how you plan to cleanse your items and activate the grid and make sure to have those tools ready. Some options you can consider include smoke, charged quartz for activation and selenite for cleansing, sound, fire or ash, holy water, sacred words etc.

Steps to making your own grid:

1- Decide on purpose, choose one clear goal.

2- Identify how you are trying to manipulate energy from the options I mentioned in the second paragraph.

3- Collect some crystals that support your intention.

4- Decide if you want to include other items and collect these.

5- Cleanse all crystals, other items and the space where you will be creating the grid.

6- Decide on the best layout based on what you have and your purpose.

7- Build your grid while focusing on your intention.

8- Activate your grid. You can do this with circulating sacred smoke around it, saying a prayer or incantation or simply stating your intention out loud or placing a piece of charged quartz in the grid. There are many other ways to do this, but these are some suggestions.

9- Know and trust that it is working. Doubt is the enemy of successful spells.

Once your grid is up and working it's important to reevaluate your intention with the grid from time to time. Ask yourself if it is still necessary and relevant and release the crystals when they have done their work. Thank each crystal as you remove it and put it away. Cleanse it with some selenite to help it go to sleep.

Tips and tricks:

Use jump rings to keep smaller crystals in place on flat surface.

Use geometric shapes as guides (like round pieces of wood.)

Cleanse & charge your grid often.

Trust your intuition, if it feels right and makes sense to you then trust that. There is no one correct way to do anything when working with energy.

I hope this helps you make amazing grids!

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