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How To Create Your Own Ritual Bath

Being submerged in water as baptism or washing the body to wash the spirit is a metaphor our subconscious can understand quite easily. Water and washing is associated with physical cleaning and cleansing and as the saying goes, never underestimate the spiritual value of a good physical cleaning.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: “Ritual bath, religious or magic ceremony involving the use of water to immerse or anoint a subject’s body. The many forms of baptism (q.v.), ranging from total submersion to a symbolic sprinkling, indicate how certain ritual baths can vary in form even while retaining the same purificational meaning.”

Different cultures do ritual baths in different ways. This is a general guide for the modern witch to craft her own version of a ritual bath and it is not based on any one practice or path. Some examples of ritual baths from different cultures include:

  • Hindu pilgrimage bath in a holy river or stream as well as their upanayana.

  • Zande of Central Africa poured water over a person to bring rain.

  • Hebrew mikvah uses prescribed amounts of specific kinds of holy water. Traditionally observing men in the Jewish faith also bathe each Friday and before major festivals, while women use the mikvah to prepare for their wedding, as well as after childbirth and menstruation.

  • The modern day church is perhaps the most well known and mainstream variety of ritual bathing. They use a ritualistic physical submersion in a water source or a sprinkling of consecrated water to symbolize the old sins being washed away, leaving the initiate spiritually cleansed and pure.

  • Shintō followers practiced a kind of ritual bath in microcosm in preparation for visiting a shrine.

  • In traditional Japanese culture one would also bathe after a funeral.

  • There are many examples from Greek antiquity in myths and art of Goddesses taking ritual baths in natural water sources accompanied by their attendants. Both the Greeks and Romans also bathed before battle, for healing purposes and before religious ceremonies.

  • In the early days of the Christian church pedilavium or foot-washing rituals were accompanied with hymns and chants and signified humility.

  • In Hoodoo you would bathe washing with downward strokes in the direction of the toes to remove evil or baneful influences and with upward strokes to increase good fortune or luck. The water is disposed of by throwing it to the East before sunrise while praying.

There are many more examples to research on your own. We all somehow instinctually associate long relaxing baths with indulging and honoring our most sacred selves. I love ritual baths for many different spells and they are easily adapted. Some ideas include cord cutting, healing, self love, attracting romantic love, rebirth, fertility, uncrossing etc.

Steps to creating a sacred bathing ritual:

1 -When doing any type of ritual bath (or shower) the first step, as with any type of spell, is to set a clear, cohesive and distinct intention. Write it on a piece of paper or bay leaf if you like. Write in the affirmative as in “this will happen.” Be specific, be careful with your words, make sure you actually want what you are asking for, try to think of ways a spiteful spirit might warp your words or they could backfire and reword if necessary. You can also burn it and include the ashes in your bath salt mix if that feels right or burn it while you are in the bath.

2- Gather your ingredients and clean and cleanse them and the actual bathroom. Some things you might want to consider using are crystals, candles or other soft lights like salt lamps, your bath salts or herbal sachet (more in step 3), some herbal bundles or incense to burn or hang where the water might diffuse the scent, some plants around the bath, anything else that your imagination wants you to use. Prepare your ingredients as you normally would, dress your candles if that is your thing, cleanse and charge your crystals, talk to your plants to ask for their help, etc.

3- Create your bath salt scrub, herbal sachet, or bath mixture. If you only have a shower I recommend using a salt scrub. If you have a tub you can either make a sachet which will act like a tea bag, or fill the tub with a decadent mix of skin loving ingredients. Obviously make sure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to any of the things you intend to use and for the love of all that is logical, don’t use toxic ingredients! Also, a note on using honey or other sweet substances, these can encourage yeast infections and genital itching so you might want to include those in a jar next to the bath or in a face mask that won't end up in the tub. If you are doing a ritual shower including sugar in your scrub is probably fine.

To make a sachet:

Use a cloth bag or coffee filter or a thin square of cloth. Arrange your chosen herbs, oils and salts in the center then tie the ends together tightly with a rubber band. Add this to the bath tub while the hot water is running but before adding cold water.

To make bath salts:


2 tbs epsom salt (nurturing and cleansing) for the base

1 tbs of one of the following

-Pink salt for self love, compassion and big love

-White salt for purification, healing and new beginnings

-Black salt for banishing, protection and grounding

Some herbs that correspond to your purpose

Ashes or charcoal from a ritual fire if appropriate (optional)

Some essential oils of your choice that correspond to your purpose (optional)

1/4 t oil like olive (anointing), coconut (cleansing), avocado (fertility)

Blend together with a mortar and pestle or blend everything in a food processor (don't reuse for food if you used toxic ingredients.) Place in a clean, cleansed and consecrated glass jar with a lid until ready to use.

To make a milk bath:

Run the hot water and add your chosen ingredients.

1 cup epsom salt (nurturing and cleansing) for the base

1/2 cup of one of salt (I recommend dissolving these in a smaller container of hot water first so that you aren’t sitting on salt crystals.)

-Pink salt for self love, compassion and big love

-White salt for purification, healing and new beginnings

-Black salt for banishing, protection and grounding

Some whole leaf herbs or flowers that correspond to your purpose

Ashes or charcoal from a ritual fire if appropriate (optional)

Some essential oils of your choice that correspond to your purpose (optional)

3 cups of your chosen milk (make sure you aren’t sensitive to the milk on your skin first)

-Oat milk (for soothing skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema)

-Goat’s milk (believed to be nourishing)

-Full fat cow’s milk (believed to be nourishing. Cows are sacred to many Hindu deities, African deities and to Hera.)

-Coconut milk (skin softener, cleanser, moisturizer)

-Rice milk (abundance, sacred to many Asian cultures)

4- Set the mood and create a sacred space. Cleanse the space, play some chants or whatever music you like, turn down the lights, arrange your crystals and other things around the space and make sure that you have all the other mundane bath time things you need.

5- Take the bath or shower. Some people like to start by washing as normal but I recommend skipping any body scrub you normally use if you are using a salt scrub. When you are physically clean use the salt scrub all over. While washing yourself visualize all your troubles coming loose and washing away down the drain. Feel your old skin shed so you can be bigger and more than you were before. See your new skin glowing and feel your power rise inside you. You can also take some time to appreciate and explore your body, enjoying the sensation of your skin, finding the beauty in your curves. Remember that you are a Goddess and this body is your temple.

Use this ritual with magickal timing to enhance your intentions. This is a practice that can be evolved and used throughout your life as a witch. Feel free to adapt it as you need and don’t be afraid to get creative. If it makes sense to you, then you are doing it right.

Blessed be.

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