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Malachite - Mama don’t need no drama

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Malachite is known as a stone of protection and healing. In ancient Egypt it was worn to protect from environmental factors, like lightning, as well as infectious diseases. It is used to remove negativity and energy blockages that lead to physical disease from mind, body, and soul. This is a good support stone for anyone struggling with any kind of illness (mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical) that is caused by being in a toxic environment or relationship for a long time. If you’re feeling threatened or attacked, or surrounded by difficult people, wearing malachite could help you shield and detox. Malachite mama don’t need no drama! I like to use this stone to ward off those toxic people who are always trying to dump their drama on me, or pull me into their petty bullshit.

malachite pink opal metaphysical properties crystal meaning
Handmade Malachite Macrame Necklace by Earthchild Adornments

Malachite is known as a stone of permanent change that is great for releasing patterns of behavior, fears and self limiting beliefs we have held onto for longer than they have served us. It may help to fortify resolve by reducing fear, helping you move forward in your healing journey with courage and compassion. Banish that old drama and walk tall as the bad bitch you were meant to be! It can help us to grow into better versions of ourselves, as it releases old patterns and clears energy pathways. It is believed to activate all Chakras, especially the heart and throat chakra, giving you the strength to speak your truth. Malachite is used to help guide us to evolve to our highest self and grow spiritually by connecting to the infinite Big Love of All. It can be very helpful during times when we need to come back to our true self and find our path.

Sterling Silver Malachite Pendant from Earthchild Adornments

In my opinion, Malachite is the stone to seek during times of permanent, positive change or transformation. If you’re trying to fight addiction, or break a bad habit, or let some shit go it may be helpful to turn to malachite. This stone can be a great companion if you’re working through trauma or uncovering repressed emotions. Use it to help you detox from whatever is keeping you from living your best life.

I have used malachite’s protective properties to guide me during times when I was trying to find my way again after being lost. As I healed, malachite was also helpful when the time came to start a new venture or business.

Malachite is believed to absorb dis-ease from stored pain. It is used to draw out emotional imbalances. It is believed to be especially protective from environmental pollutants to the heart chakra and physical body. Therefore, it will need regular cleansing; you don’t want to carry all that pain and trauma with you. Be sure to cleanse with smoke or during the full moon. Avoid salt, dirt or water which damages the surface.

Fibrous Malachite from Namibia

The Sciency Stuff

Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. It often forms within limestone, which provides the ideal environment for oxidization, above copper deposits. A secondary mineral of copper, malachite is formed when carbonated water interacts with copper minerals. It is opaque and always green. This green can range from pastel green to a bright green to a dark green that is almost black. Due to the vibrancy of its color, (which will not fade with time or exposure to light) and its ability to be ground into a powder, malachite has been used as a pigment and coloring agent for thousands of years.

It is useful to note that there is a lot of fake malachite on the market. Genuine malachite never contains true blacks and does not melt when held to a flame.

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