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Spirit Quartz - It's like meth for your crystals

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Spirit Quartz was revered by the ancients as a physical distillation of spiritual essence. This high vibration energy amplifier has been an essential part of the secret rites of witch doctors in South Africa for millennia. It is only found in one place in the world, the Magaliesberg Mountain Range in South Africa. It is also sometimes called Cactus Quartz, Fairy Quartz or Witch's Fingers.

It is comprised of a mother crystal with a second generation crystals growing on top of her. Quarts is known to amplify the energy of anything it is in contact with, so it makes sense that Spirit Quarts, being a quartz crystal covered in many tiny quartz crystals, would increase this exponentially. Reportedly, the energy field of a piece of Spirit Quartz is equivalent to that of a single similar stone up to a hundred times its size! In other words, carrying a ten gram (0.35oz) piece of amethyst Spirit Quartz with you is just as powerful as carrying a 1kg/2.2lb piece of regular amethyst. What’s more, Spirit Quartz can presumably be used to amplify the energy of other crystals placed near or touching it. This means you can turn a small tumble into a 2lb crystal energetically and still have it be light enough to carry. It also means you can also use Spirit Quartz in crystal grids to make your inexpensive tumbles go a lot further. It is important to keep in mind that when you add Spirit Quartz with another crystal like amethyst inclusions for example you are also adding the energy of that crystal to your grid.

Spirit Quartz comes with a variety of colors due to the inclusion of other minerals. The most typical of these are amethyst, citrine, hematite and smoky quartz.

Reported metaphysical properties of pure Spirit Quartz:

-Heals mind, body, spirit by deep cleansing and recharging. Spirit Quartz is believed to be a powerful healer that affects all parts of our being. The energy is spread in all directions because of the multiple tiny crystal points. Where regular quartz absorbs negative energy and sometimes needs frequent cleansing to avoid releasing it back into the environment and amplifying it, Spirit Quartz is like a very hot fire that burns negative energy away and uplifts. This does not mean Spirit Quartz never needs cleansing, just that it can go a lot longer before needing cleansing than regular quartz. Spirit Quartz with citrine included never needs cleansing as citrine repels negativity and radiates with an energetic light as powerful as the sun. Note that there is a difference between cleansing and charging. I have another blog post explaining this in more detail.

-Spirit Quartz can also be used to charge your other crystals by placing them on top of a cluster or in front of a point.

-It is used as a powerful conductor of spiritual energy and believed to open pathways for communication with the spirit world. It has been used to call on ancestral wisdom and guide us for longer than

writing has been around. It is known to open the crown chakra and make the messages from our guides clearer.

- It can be used to enhance our spiritual awareness and expedite our growth. It has been used by ancient shamans to heighten experiences with astral travel, shamanic journeying, divination, dream work, rebirthing, meditation as well as connecting with spirit guides.

-It may bring greater focus and understanding and help us to identify the core of any issue. It could help us foster unity, peace, understanding and a willingness to work together by bringing us closer to the essential truth that we are all part of the same being and that the energy that flows through all things is the same energy that is us.

-It is used as an uplifting crystal that helps us rise above sorrow, grief, malaise and feelings of tiredness and negativity.

-It is believed to open the crown chakra but also draw white light energy into all the chakras and connects us with the realm of the spirit, making it an excellent stone to use when dealing with the loss of a loved one, easing the grief of transition.

-Spirit quartz has a reputation of being the most powerful energy amplifier in the crystal world. Place it in your environment, especially a windowsill but not in direct sunlight as it will fade the colors.

-Use it during meditation to help you raise your vibration and enhance your connection to Spirit. Breathe deeply and rhythmically and imagine a light glowing from inside the crystal. With each inhalation the light expands and becomes brighter until you are surrounded by a warm, radiant field of energy and light.

Mantra: I am the light of a million stars condensed into being.

May be helpful during times of:

Fighting illness, addiction/trying to break a bad habit

Grieving + letting go

Trying to detox

Trying to find your way again after a time of being lost

Believed to bring:
















Sacred spaces



Improved memory

Click the link to see our selection of Spirit Quartz:

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