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Using Color to Decode Crystal Meanings

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

I get asked a lot how I remember the properties of so many crystals. The secret is simply that I classify them using different things like color, mineral group, crystal family, stage of formation etc. One of the easiest and most accessible ways for complete newbies to be able to know something about any natural (not heat treated or dyed to change color) crystal is simply to learn about the correspondences of different colors.

Here is a quick reference for the general crystal correspondences based on color:

(Note, not all crystals fit perfectly into this system and you should still do your research.)



Hiding from danger or those who wish you harm.

Grounding off excess energy that can cause blockages which can manifest as pain, fear, anxiety or depression.

Protect against the effects of radiation.

Calming and relaxing.

Brings security and stability.

Good for focus and eliminating distractions.


Stimulating, warming, speeding things up.

Good for circulation, healthy blood vessels and blood.

Dark red is good for promoting physical heart health.

Red and reddish brown stimulate digestion and improve absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Strengthens emotions, especially primal ones, and allows us to express them more clearly.

Makes us more impulsive, passionate and extroverted.

Strengthens willpower and perseverance.

Lights inner fire.

Encourages learning.

Helps us to connect with our tribal roots and help others to succeed.


Harmony and peace.

Love, especially self love, big love, romantic love and familial love.

Compassion, kindness and sympathy.

Increases sensitivity towards self, emotions and others.

Pregnancy and childbirth.

Relieving cramps and any other pain associated with female stuff.

Often used in beauty spells.


Vitality, strength, protection from disease.

Stimulates circulation, blood vessels and even distribution of energy in body.

Enhances sexuality, sensuality and makes sex better.

Dark orange and brown enhances physical sensitivity, regulates metabolism and

encourages tissue growth and regeneration. Encourages feelings of peace, security, practicality, sensibility and humility.

It enhances the drive and determination to be successful and helps with creativity when working towards a goal.

Enhances happiness, spontaneity and joy.

Improves certainty that we are following our higher purpose.

Inner harmony, balance and sense of justice.

Yellow / Gold

Attracts abundance, encourages financial security and increase optimism.

Positive attitude, happiness, carefree living and cheerfulness.

Stimulate upper digestive organs and stomach, spleen and pancreas.

Increases supply of energy to the body so that we can be more active and boosts immune system.

It fights off negativity, depression, inertia and embodies the protective properties of the sun against the forces of darkness.

It increases self confidence and the ability to believe in our potential for success.

Makes us aware of our needs and desires and encourages us to go for them.

Helps with understanding experiences and learning from them and encourages the belief that we are in charge of our destiny.

Leads to spiritual maturity and helps us take on our fair share of responsibility.





Stimulates liver and gal bladder + encourages detoxing. Restore, conserve and cleanse flow of chi related to health.

Opens the heart and intensifies feelings of unity and love and allows for healthy expression of anger.

Speeds up reflexes.

Helps you connect to your interests with new enthusiasm.

Helps make sense of dreams and correctly interpret messages from guides.

Enhances visualization, imagination and manifestation.


Lust for life

Awareness of physical reality and ability to draw energy from and be present in environment.

Encourage balanced optimism and sensible hope.

Helps ward off energies that are toxic to the soul.


Cooling + calming


Openness + honesty

Allows us to distinguish between external influences and inner truth. Encourages the flow of inner strength.

Regulates kidneys and bladder. Encourages healthy urinary activity.

Balance acidity, liquids and hormones.

Focuses instincts

Overcomes fear


Helps us form stronger relationships.

Find inner balance and peace.

Aids in search for knowledge and truth.

Communication + self expression.

Calms nervous tension holding throat chakra shut.




Healthy brain activity + senses + nervous system

Heals skin, lungs, respiratory tract.

Encourages oxygen absorption and eliminating carbon dioxide.

In large intestine helps absorption and elimination of water.

Relieves sorrow and helps us resolve traumatic experiences.

Enhance memory, flow of ideas.

Cosmic consciousness + intuition.

Helps us understand the experience of others and the validity of those experiences when they are foreign to us.

Protects us from psychic attack, energy vampirism and energetic or psychological control from outside.

Spiritual awakening, freedom from doctrine, overstanding, teaches us the importance of following our own moral values.

Promote peace and composure.

Clear, white, silver

Reflects, conducts and amplifies energy



Attracts light energy

Connects us to The Source of all

Clarity of mind and purity of soul

Self reflection

Connects to infinite energy that runs through all things and helps us realize that anything is possible and that we are limitless beings with boundless potential.

Attracts abundance, wholeness, contentment and wisdom.

Multicolored or color play in minerals



Stimulates and opens all chakras.

Accelerated healing

Psychological uplifting

Pleasure, intellectual passion, desire.

Childlike fascination, pleasure and joy.

Past life recall, accessing Akashic records, tapping into universal consciousness and collective memory.

Facilitates transformation towards higher self.

Spiritual and intellectual learning and focus.

Opens us up to the realm of infinite possibilities.

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