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  • Blue Kyanite

    Shop Blue Kyanite Adornments

  • Blue Green Apatite

    Shop Bluegreen Apatite Adornments

  • How Blue Lace Agate Healed My Life

    The good news is that I found help in a beautiful crystal with a gentle energy called Blue Lace Agate During that time of learning and growing, Blue Lace Agate kept me stable and feeling safe. Blue Lace Agate gently dissolved that nervous tension in my throat that made it so difficult for me to I am not telling you to buy some blue lace agate and that that will be the end of your problems. Click here to see available products:

  • Caribbean Calcite - Use Your Words

    Caribbean Calcite is an awesome combination mineral made up of Ocean Blue Calcite and brown and white With it's beautiful blue and earthy hues, many people find Caribbean Calcite extremely calming.

  • Larimar - Be like water

    It’s a rare blue variety of Pectolite, a bunch of needle-like crystals that have grown together in a first part of the name, saying that the stone reminded him of the acceptance in his daughter Larissa’s blue

  • Shielding, Grounding and Centering

    Some good options include but are not limited to selenite, spirit quartz, rutilated quartz, kyanite, that you can contain it on a blanket or tarp.) - A ring of protective crystals such as tourmaline, kyanite

  • Using Color to Decode Crystal Meanings

    Blue Cooling + calming Relaxation Openness + honesty Allows us to distinguish between external influences

  • 6 Ways To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals

    There are a few crystals that don't hold negative energy and never need to be cleansed, they are kyanite

  • Crystal Grids - It's what all the cool kids are doing

    I have also used hot glue to attach grids to my ceiling. Hot glue is usually pretty easy to remove from both crystals and ceiling but beware, sometimes the cheap

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